Consulting Lobby

Founded by real estate investor and developer Paul M. Coury, the Ambassador Hotel Collection is a professional consultancy dedicated to the development and management of boutique hospitality properties, including luxury hotels in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kansas City, Missouri and Wichita, Kansas.

With more than 100 years of combined hospitality-related experience, The Ambassador team offers a broad range of hotel development and operations expertise to property owners or investors.  Clients renovating an existing hotel, considering purchasing a hotel, or exploring the viability of retrofitting a building for hospitality purposes can seek the services of the Ambassador Hotel Collection for any or all of their needs.
“We have extensive experience as a full-service property and construction management company,” explains Coury.  “And within the hospitality sector, we specialize in turnkey solutions for owners and financial institutions.  Our approach is very hands-on, very creative.  Our goal is to help clients make informed decisions.”  Paul Coury has a proven track record of turning around distressed properties.  He has overseen more than 20 redevelopment projects in Oklahoma.  Additionally, Coury has designed three gated residential communities and provided asset management services for a $200-million hotel and golf course portfolio with properties throughout the United States.  

The Ambassador Hotel Collection utilizes several resources for marketing and driving premium occupancy for all of its existing hotels.  The team is skilled in all facets of property development, including feasibility studies, land acquisition, design consulting, construction, pre-opening sales, FF&E purchasing, and staff development.

Additional consulting and management services include:

  • Market Analysis
  • Planning and Research
  • Property/Physical Plant Assessments
  • Lender Relations
  • Property Acquisition or Disposition
  • Restorations and Enhancement of Property Value
  • Design Consulting
  • Technology Consulting
  • Procurement of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
  • Restaurant Partnership Opportunities
  • Branding (or Re-Branding) and Private Label Development
  • Pre-Opening Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Training
  • Personnel Selection (or Current Staff Evaluations)

The Ambassador Hotel Collection’s full spectrum of consulting services also covers operations, fiscal reporting and forecasting, customer identification, marketing, e-commerce, and property management after a facility is opened. The firm can also assist from any point in a project’s lifecycle.